Singer, Songwriter,  
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I mostly write gospel but I've also done rock, country, a little bit of everything.

It would be a pleasure to sing at your church, restaurant, wedding, nursing home,
funeral (well, sort of), etc.  However, I charge exorbitant fees at goat ropings.

I've done several Elvis shows in full costume in concerts, wedding receptions,
birthday parties, reunions, etc.  I can perform with any band without rehearsal or if
you prefer, I can perform alone with my karaoke machine.  Fees vary.  

Always pleased customers, lots of humor and fun, I recently did a fancy wedding
reception and they doubled my fee.  Folks, why pay a fortune for a huge party and
then watch everyone stand around stiffly and try not to make a fool of themselves?  
Hire me and I'll get everyone to relax, loosen up, laugh, and have F-U-N!!!

In a recent survey, 70% of Americans said that they don't believe in reincarnation,
but they did in a previous lifetime.
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Gary Lee Hill
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